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Dispensing a Healthier Lifestyle

Hello, I am Melissa Rhoads, PharmD.

I’m a pharmacist with a passion for helping people live a healthier lifestyle through good nutrition, natural remedies and physical activity. 


I received my Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Mercer University in Atlanta in 1995; I have spent most of my career specializing in compounding pharmacy.  


During my 20+ years of continuous education in the field, I have learned that there is a place for conventional treatments such as pharmaceuticals, but they can often be avoided.  Many health problems can be traced back to harmful behaviors or specific foods. The key is learning to read the signs and symptoms.


The typical lifestyle-related marketing the public sees today is about quick fixes; hyping the latest diet or exercise fad, pushing this new pill or that new drink.


My goal is to educate; to give you a better understanding of your specific needs, and to provide simple and easy to follow recommendations for dietetic changes, vitamin and herbal supplements, and physical activities to produce exciting improvements in your overall health. 


I believe the best medicine for healing and health in order of priority is:

  • Faith and prayer

  • Positive attitude/Stress management

  • Proper nutrition

  • Physical activity

  • Medicine (when necessary)


I hope this blog inspires you to make your health and wellness a priority.


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