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Supplements to support your fitness routine

I am often asked the question of "what vitamin and nutritional supplements are recommended when starting a fitness regimen or even for those that have a regular fitness routine".

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, reaching your fitness goals often requires 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. Without the proper nutrition to support your active lifestyle, all those hours spent on the treadmill or lifting weights could be largely wasted! You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

Eliminate processed foods and refined sugar. Not only do these foods contribute to weight gain, but they can also promote inflammation and may increase the risk of chronic illness. I will talk more in depth about the importance of a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet in a later blog. But for now.. read those labels and avoid packaged foods and foods with added sugars.

Key Supplements For Exercise Performance & Recovery

I have created a simple protocol of a few supplements that can be beneficial to anyone who is looking to support overall health during physical activity.

  • The power of protein powders. Protein supplementation is an important part of a healthy diet for anyone. Protein shakes are a great way to increase your protein intake. It’s important to find a well-balanced product without added sugar. Protein is an important part of recovery after physical activity.

  • Multivitamin

  • Vitamin B Complex

  • Fish Oil

  • Probiotic

I have personally selected the highest pharmaceutical grade supplements at a reasonable price and grouped them together with suggested dosing to make starting a regimen very easy and cost effective.

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Be sure and check out the “Practitioner Categories” under the Catalog section, where I have hand selected a group of my favorite supplements designed for a specific need. You can create an account to select and add items to your cart.

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